What’s Continuity Got to do With It?

We feel about farm management as we do about farming. It should be a sustainable, beneficial relationship that helps the landowner get the most from their operation year in and year out, generation after generation.

Why is this so important? For some landowners, the next generation is in place and passionate about taking over the farm when the time comes. For others, the farm will no longer be owned by the family after this generation.


We know that the changing of the guard is more than just handing over the keys to the tractor. There are financial and ownership decisions that must be made whether it comes from retirement or from the death of a beloved family member.


Having Sunderman Farm Management on your side means having a trusted advisor with you, someone who has been there throughout and knows the intricacies of your operation. Families are kept up-to-date with the status of the farming operation and have what they need to make informed decisions should the farm change hands unexpectedly.


And, when the time comes to make the tough emotional decisions, your family can look to us as a non-emotional third party to help make sure you have the facts and figures your family needs to make the hard calls.


While we’re not going to cast the tie-breaking vote on which mom makes the best pie, we will be there with the knowledge, farm history, and options you need to balance everyone’s best interests.


To learn more about estate planning, contact Sunderman Farm Management today.

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